Organization Development
Organization Development

Lasting success with iterative development
Iterative software development is an excellent approach for software delivery departments and other organizations that are dependent on software systems. Many very positive results are reported from the field: a considerably higher productivity (factor 4 up to 9), cost reduction, less production disruptions, shorter time-to-market, higher employee and customer satisfaction and more control on risks, an increase in project success rates, more transparency and more adequate decision-making.

Where we can help
We can provide solutions and support realizing organizational change and improvement around software delivery and related disciplines and themes. Insight, oversight, perseverance and adressing resistance to change are essential ingredients. Examples of organisation wide issues we have solved before

Look beyond the obvious
From our experience it has become clear that you must treat implementing iterative software development like any other organizational change program. Using a clear problem as a starting point (timeliness, quality, productivity), we design a holistic approach taking into account all aspects of the organization and not only those that are that specific for software development.

We define and execute change interventions based on objective information. We obtain this information by means of a clever and clear measurement system where we distinguish an organization’s culture and nature. In short an organization’s culture represents its measurable, tangible and trainable parts. An organization’s nature represents how well an organization is functioning and can potentially function given the current processes, procedures, staff, etc. Further we focus on solving core problems instead of introducing new technology or practices.

When selecting and tailoring your specific approach to software development we also take into account your organization’s culture and nature. We thereby prevent fallback to previously applied practices and behavior. That is, as it happens, a consequence of overcharging employees on their nature, or in other words the degree in which they can provide what is required given an organization’s culture. Such a fallback is merely always the case in times of stress and heavy workload.

Proven successful
Empulsys has helped many organizations to be successful with modern iterative or 'agile' software development.  When you want to learn what our customers have to say, have a look at our references.

And when you want to know more about how you can achieve lasting success with modern iterative software development, contact us for a free of charge consultation.



The online article "From Business to IT System" is now available in english.


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